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Question: I see a kid get knocked down, yet no foul is called. Why?

Answer: Soccer is a contact sport and kids will get knocked down with no foul. Generally, this happens when two kids are going for the ball. The general rule here is that if both are trying for the ball and one child gets pushed by the other while both children are legitimately trying to get the ball, no foul is given. Also, our referees are told to only call what they see. Don't guess!

Question: I get confused with off-side calls. Sometimes, I'll see a player who's offside. The ball is kicked into that player's general direction, but no off-side is called. Why?

Answer: There are two elements to an off-side call. First, the player must be in an off-side position. Second, the player must be interfering with play in one way or another. A child may be in an offside position yet they're tieing their shoe, spacing out, etc. In this case no off-side call. A child may be in an off-side position, but isn't in a position to get the ball. Again, no off-side call.

Question: Why do we (parents and spectators) have to be on the opposite side of the field from the players and coaches?

Answer: This is a general rule in all youth soccer. The rule ensures that the coach and assistant coach are the only ones giving the kids instructions. In fact, we discourage any parents from giving coaching advice to their child on the field. It only confuses the child. Of course, we love to see parents cheering their child on.

If you have any further questions, please e-mailĀ [email protected]. The response to your question will be posted here.

Question: My concern involves the 4th-5th Grade level definition of what is allowed and not allowed in pushing and slide tackles. With respect to the learning curve of the young referees and parents and the aggressiveness of the game, I think this still needs to be emphasized. It would be a shame for any player to lose interest in the game because they felt "what the ref doesn't see" more often trumps knowledge and respect for the game. Please can you make the referees & parents more aware of this?

Answer: Soccer is a contact sport. Kids fall down for all sorts of reasons, including getting fouled. Generally, if two kids are going for the ball simultaneously and one kid pushes the other while focusing on getting the ball, that's not a foul. On the other hand, if the child focuses on his/her opponent and pushes the opponent, that is a foul. Slide tackles are permitted, if and only if they are safely done and the ball is touched first. The other child may fall, but it still wouldn't be a foul. Referees cannot call what they don't see. As the kids progress from U-9 through U-11 and on to older age groups, the level of contact increases significantly. Finally, we would encourage all parents to read the laws and get involved in the GCSC program through coaching, refereeing, or helping out with a variety of administrative tasks.


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